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Music/media in Dublin

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1 GoPro Dublin Meetup

If you own a GoPro camera or love the idea of portable, wearable, durable cameras then let's make something awesome. Do you use GoPro cameras for extreme sports? Music videos? Experimental works of art? Do you capture video from the clouds in your drone copter? Do you want to improve your editing skills or want to share your knowledge with others? Do you want to take

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2 Clondalkin Camera Club

The club is made up of photographers of all levels of experience from the professional to complete beginner. There is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where members can get together and discuss and learn to develop their photography.

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3 Sound healing workshop

Sound Healing group Gong baths and The vibrations of gongs and himalayan singing bowls will help you with the big transition that is happening at this time. Don Conreaux said: “During this orb of time we can all be a super conscious receiver of the birth energy coming from the Mother Hub of the Galaxy. The galactic seeds of our true consciousness are genetically being

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4 The Soulful

New Gospel/Soul Choir based in Harold's Cross recruiting new members!

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5 The Gospel Freeks

This is a gospel group set up to sing at weddings and do gigs around the country. Possibly a Sunday mass aswell. I am looking for sopranos, altos, tenos and basses now.